Summer Pest Control: Important Services for Biloxi Residents

Regular pest control is an important part of home ownership. This service prevents pests such as cockroaches and spiders away from your home and family. However, when summer rolls around, Biloxi residents must think about other pests and take appropriate action to safeguard their homes.

Ticks and Mosquitos

Two pests that become a nuisance during the summer are fleas and ticks. Both pests feed on the blood of a human or pet host. They also carry diseases which can then be transmitted to the host. Many treatments for both mosquitos and ticks exist, but it’s up to you to call the pest control company to schedule them.

How to Keep Ticks and Mosquitos Away From Your Home

tick control biloxi

Once you call a professional, they’ll come to the home and take appropriate measures to provide mosquito and tick control biloxi. But, there are a few things that homeowners can also do to ensure these pests do not make their way to their homes. This includes:

·    Remove all water sources, since mosquitos need only a teaspoon to breed.

·    Use a mosquito/tick repellent each day of the summer. Reapply often if you’re spending time outdoors.

·    Take off clothes immediately after coming inside from the outdoors. Wash clothing in hot water.

·    If you live on a farm, it is a good idea to invest in chickens. Many people who live with chickens on their property boast about how they keep the pests away.

Final Word

Ticks and mosquitos are problematic for so many families in and near Biloxi. If you want to ensure this summer is pest -free, make sure to call a professional out at once. Additionally, make sure to apply the tips above to your life to further prevent them from becoming a nuisance on your property.